This is my first interview with an international author, and I am very happy to be an author of which I am a huge fan. She is American, and saw one of her books adapted to the cinema, I speak of K. Bromberg.

You can read the interview in portuguese here.

How did your love for writing begin?

I’ve always loved writing because I think it’s how I express myself best. The good thing about writing is you can delete and erase and rewrite until you get what you want to say perfect!

In Portugal, unfortunately, only the first 3 books of the Driven series are translated. How was it for you to write this series?

I know and we’re trying to get more there but unfortunately the publishers don’t want to buy more. We’re trying, I promise. For me writing this series was a huge, exciting learning curve since I’d never written before. I was head over heels in love with the characters for a full two years and I’ve never been able to do that since so it was very special. And then to know readers love them just as much was incredible. 

Where did you get inspired to create those characters with such a troubled past? 

I think it’s easier to write characters with troubled pasts because you things to draw from emotionally as well as it allows you to let the grow. 

How important is the reader’s opinion to you?

Very. If readers do not like what I write, then there is no one to read. With that said, I do understand that not every reader will like every book I write. I try not to take it to heart, but I still would like them to.

Did you ever think that your books would be translated into several languages?

Never. I wrote Driven on a dare to myself to see if I could. I never expected this to happen. 

What is the feeling of seeing readers from all over the world commenting on your books on social media?

It’s surreal. That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s surreal and incredible to be invited into so many homes and lives and feel like I know people everywhere. I’m so very grateful.

Also, Driven was adapted for a TV series, how does it feel to see your characters become real? 

Even more surreal. lol. It was something I never imagined happening in my wildest dreams so to see Colton walk on screen, I got tears in my eyes.

Were you satisfied with the chosen actors? Did they have the characteristics you imagined when you created them on paper?

Yes. Very. I think they did a great job but even more, I think they realized how much readers loved these characters and this story and so they wanted to make it perfect for them.

Are you working on a new project? If so, what can you tell us about it?

I just released a book called Flirting with 40 about a 39 year old woman finding love with a younger man … and I just finished writing a book called Hard to Hold about a British football player!

Finally, what would you like to say to Portuguese readers?

Thank you so very much for your support over the years. I appreciate all of your love. I promise that we are trying to get more books translated for you in Portugal. Obrigado.

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